Case Study


Website redesign on WordPress

Who is Everstream?

Everstream Analytics provides global companies with risk scores and predictive insights that help enable competition-crushing competence when navigating supply chain complexities.

The challenge

To deliver one of the best-looking, most user-friendly sites in the supply chain analytics industry. The client needed a top shelf design with tight messaging to break-through the fog of supply-chain chaos.

Joining forces with masters of the supply chain

Hounder worked with Everstream Analytics to help revamp their site with an eye-catching design that more effectively showcases services while reflecting the standard-setting approach they bring to supply chain analytics. Another way to put it: A site that effectively outshines their competitors. Our design and development teams burned drum-fulls of midnight oil to create elegant components built in WordPress, culminating as a pristine web application that allows Everstream Analytics to easily edit content and look good doing it.

Services delivered:

  • UX/UI Design

  • Custom web application

  • CMS implementation (WordPress)

  • ADA Compliance

  • Search Engine Marketing (Pay-per-click)

The new Everstream Analytics

Objectives, goals, promises

Everstream Analytics came to us with a few specific needs in mind. Considering the kind of impact they have on the supply chain, we knew that this site needed to be something special. So, we broke down our promises like this:

  • Create a look and feel that measures up to Everstream Analytics’ industry-leading expertise.

  • Showcase Everstream Analytics’ services in a more effective, customer-centric manner.

  • Create a site that outshines competitors.

  • Provide Everstream Analytics with an easily edited content interface (The last thing we need are more bugs in the supply chain).

  • Help update and implement paid ads to drive traffic to the new site.

Design, development, and SEO

Now, let’s take a look at the tried and true Hounder services that helped Everstream Analytics’ site quality meet the supreme expertise they exude.

















Design: Sculpting a face for Everstream Analytics' million-eyed approach

Our design team worked closely with Everstream Analytics officials to parse out the right aesthetic. From the get-go, the design would be, in a sense, based on the preexisting tenets of Everstream Analytics’ brand, but with a serious focus on streamlining the design to drive demand.

Hounder's Director of Design met with Everstream Analytics' top executives and creatives to discuss notions of color, tone, voice, light and dark themes. Once design was underway, meetings continued on a weekly basis to ensure the site's progress would meet both Everstream Analytics’ vision and user needs. Let us just say, we’re extremely proud of the result.

Development: Building a custom web app on WordPress

A custom web application for easy content editing

In order to meet Everstream Analytics' need to showcase their services and quickly edit content/page structures in the backend, we resolved to build a custom web application perfectly suited for optimal usability with an emphasis on ensuring the clarity of Everstream Analytics’ message—whether that be conveying the particulars of their services or posting blogs about various supply chain analytics topics.

No matter what kind of content edits/additions they choose to implement after the final product has been delivered, our design team’s work combined with our dev team’s coding wizardry ensures that all changes appear on the frontend with the same sheer, mind-blowing appearance we left them with.

CMS Implementation: WordPress

WordPress provides easy content creation/editing and migration abilities, which is why all parties involved on this project agreed to move forward with the build on WordPress. As noted above, the upside of a web application built on WordPress allows for a quick turnaround when updating or adding content, helping to cut out any needless time-sucks when all you want to do is just post and/or edit content and move on to the next task.

"From breathtaking design to seamless functionality, Hounder built us a gorgeous site that’s optimized to drive demand. I can’t stop looking at it. The design and development team knocked it out of the park and were fabulous partners every step of the way."

Heather Gondek

Senior Product Marketing Manager Everstream Analytics

Developers' corner: Look inside the dev mind

Interested in an inside look at some of the components we built for the Everstream Analytics site? Join Hounder Developer Austin Amento as he highlights some of the development decisions we made throughout the project.

SEO: Hounder Marketing lends a hand

Though design and development bore the brunt of the initiative on this project, our marketing team also provided a minor content audit as well as a light dusting of creative writing services. We conducted a quick but thorough once-over of Everstream Analytics' content to make sure all of their ducks were in a row SEO-wise, and then moved onto the paid ads front to help optimize, rewrite, and launch updated ad groups.

ADA compliance

We believe in a web that works for everybody. With every project we work on, we ensure that ADA compliance is thoroughly adhered to. We include ADA standards as a natural part of all our design and development decisions to ensure that sites like Everstream Analytics’ are built with overarching quality in mind.

Wrapping up delivery

By project's end, Everstream Analytics and Hounder had worked together to create a cutting-edge site that outshines competitors with a seamless mode of beautifully presented no-nonsense storytelling. To recap once more:

  • Build a site that matches the level expertise behind the name.

  • Drive demand and give functionality to the people.

  • Outshine competitors.

  • Let people edit and add content without the stress of feeling like time is being wasted.

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