Enterprise Design Systems

Designing and building flexible, scalable design systems for your enterprise.

Decide the best approach

We gather information about your current ecosystem and design standards to help determine where and how to start implementing a design system. We provide services to build scalable and maintainable design systems that allow your designers the freedom to design while allowing developers to add new features with greater efficiency.

Organize design and development standards

We take our research and determine where the most impact can be made with a design system by identifying shared experiences, patterns, components, branding guidelines, and other areas that are should be included in your design system.

Architect communication plans

We build an easily shareable and update-able experience that which integrates into your current workflows and allows teams and individuals to contribute and collaborate on current and future design standards.

What goes into a design system?


Reusable components

Brand ideation


Color palette



Web accessibility

Web accessibility is the practice of removing obstacles that prevent interaction with websites by people with disabilities. Hounder helps to build a visual digital design system that is accessible by all users and provides audits to your current designs to account for any shortcomings with text legibility, color contrast, and more.

Style guides

Style guides are a great way towards building a tailored and organized design system. It allows you to organize your current design standards, such as, logo, typography, spacing and overall layouts into a documented experience.

Patterns and components

Every design is made up of visual patterns that can be broken down into components for an individual use case that is more quickly updated. We go through your current designs to build a visual pattern library with components and elements that allow for better maintainability that scales.

A user-proof design system

A cohesive design system allows teams to collaborate and communicate better through a shared knowledge of design, development, and content that can be maintained by an entire organization together.

Hounder design in action

Ready to see what a design system can provide for your organization?

Our team of experts can help you research, evaluate, and architect a design system to meet the needs of your current design architecture and allow you the ability to grow in the future. We can't wait to work with you!

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