The Challenge

This unique project came with many challenges on it’s own and the process of taking a paper roadmap to a fully functional digital web experience. That experience needed to be able to help parents, educators and community leaders in finding resources that helped with academic and social success both in and after school.

The Solution

Hounder took the challenge of designing a unique experience around a previously paper roadmap and developed a fully custom platform that provided user accounts, content level permissions, publishing workflows, and a content / translation management system built-in. This custom experience relied on Laravel at the core and provided the perfect starting point to develop the necessary experience that allowed administrators and educators the ability to manage new and current resources for the San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools Cradle to Career Roadmap initiative.

Our Process

Every project goes through our golden research and strategy process in order to ensure that we provide a solution that fits each of the unique partners that we engage with. For San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools, this process was to work closely with their team to gather the necessary messaging and technical aspects of the project to be able to deliver the best designs and user flow that fit their needs and future expectations.

Project Scope

San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools worked with Hounder to create a brand new web presence for their Cradle to Career Roadmap, which was an initiative that had been widely distributed throughout the district but needed a searchable platform that allowed for a more user friendly experience.

  • 5+ page website design

  • 10+ web components

  • Templates for pages, resources and success stories

  • Categorization system for resources

  • Searchable index of English and Spanish resources

  • Multilingual support

  • Design and development documentation

  • SEO best practices built-in

  • Custom permissions for user profiles

  • Laravel

Layouts / Explorations

After a full day workshop and several online working sessions with the project team. Hounder set to work wireframing and prototyping out our initial vision of what the Cradle to Career Roadmap could look like from a visual and functional standpoint. Once a design and structure was settled upon we got to work building out the unique experience using Laravel in order to construct the workflow for both the authoring experience and the public facing site. 

A challenge we faced early on in the development process was trying to keep as much as possible managed from the admin interface, but allowing for any code changes to be easily deployable and tracked via a component based framework that was tied to a simplified continuous integration process for the internal development team to manage long-term.


The final result is an elegant and discerning website that functions according to C2C Roadmap’s dedication to the success of both younger and future generations. By working closely with the folks in charge of crafting this initiative, we were able to help build a product capable of easy discourse in schools and accepted by parents as a trusted online resource for furthering the success of their children. 

“Hounder was absolutely great to work with starting from the initial discovery session. They worked directly with our team to define, design, and build a community-facing application within 4 months! A wonderful team to work with.”

David Thurston, CIO, San Bernardino County School System

See the Website in Action

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