Homegrown care for enterprise-size problems

As a gesture of dedication to our clients, we only take on a few projects at a time to ensure we give you the time and attention you deserve. By doing this, our goal is to build an on-going relationship that leverages our digital expertise for your company's growth. Our team partners with yours for a collaborative effort directed at any and all of your digital needs.


Your website or web application serves a purpose in marketing and generation new leads. We work to understand your unique needs, your competitors, and users in order to form a better picture of how to meet your requirements.


You may be using Shopify, WooCommerce, or another shopping platform. No matter the solution we are established in designing and developing customized e-commerce experiences that are both beatiful, user-friendly and ADA compliant


Whether you're trying to integrate with an existing medical system, build stronger relationships with your patients, or gain more patients through customized marketing solutions we tailor solutions to meet your goals and needs.


A great website experience is key to fostering new relationships with donors and boosting engagement for your cause. We can help build your web experience with proven open-source web technologies to elevate your non-profit towards current and future goals.


We’re serious about creating a sophisticated and engaging web presence for educators and their associated technologies. We can revamp your institution’s online experience, optimize access to resources, and design new roadmaps for working with the web’s academic landscape. Whatever it is, let us help you build better pathways to learning.


Creating streamlined and transparent online communications between government and community is essential. We can customize the way both you and the public engage with open-data sources and social media. Or, maybe you need a more accessible/available web experience so that no individual goes uninformed. Let's optimize the security, flexibility, and transparency of how you serve the people.

Supply Chain

You know how essential your network is to the world. We want to ensure your web success is efficient, flexible, and ever adaptable to whatever changes the future demands. Between tasks like merging current SCM with front-end experiences, or simply enhancing the way customers find and perceive your web landscape, we can help create a site that works perfectly with your needs.


We want to build you a content hub that consistently engages your community. Creating custom dashboards or user friendly applications/services takes a dynamic blend of both technical and storytelling strategies. We can provide an optimized web face that not only emphasizes easy communication, but is enjoyable as well.


The growing complexity of our world calls for a focus on a central factor of society’s forward movement: mobility. We’re a world in motion. That’s why we provide our clients in transportation with a web experience that moves as fluidly as their solutions to mobility/commuter issues. We can build an online environment that is engaging, flexibly edited, and easily navigated by both you and your users.

The hounds helping you grow

Josh Northcott

CTO & Co-founder

Justin Hough

CDO & Co-founder

Bryan Stifle

Design Director

Joey Michael Domingo

Digital Marketing Lead

Bettina Acosta

Project Manager

Ryan Warrick

Content Marketing Lead

Austin Amento

Software Engineer

Rashad Naime

Software Engineer