The Challenge

An exploratory and conceptual product idea. Complete with a new brand from an existing hardware technology company.

The Solution

Several fine folks from Ocean Aero traveled from Seattle to visit us at the Hounder office in Redlands to conduct a 2-day discovery and brainstorm session for a new conceptual product offering. Working closely with the incredible Ocean Aero team, we delivered a focused a range of brand tone, logos ideas, naming, colors, typography, content strategy and full branding guide.

Our Process

This project was filled with diving deep into an exploratory product concept. Needing to uncover the source of why this product needed to exist, who it was for, and what it needed to be to be valuable and sustainable.

It all started with a 2-day discovery and brainstorm session with the fine folks of Ocean Aero. It was within these two-days that we uncovered the heart and soul of the market need and the strategic vision behind the product. 

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