We worked with a growing of artificial intelligence company that needed a modern, secure and scalable website that could keep up with their marketing needs and which could be adapted for the future. Their original website was built using a website builder platform and quickly came with problems that limited design flexibility, increased overhead of pages not adhering to their design system, marketing opportunities and overall scalability was holding them back. It was time for a secure and more robust web system to empower their growing needs and that allowed them to make some necessary UX improvements along the way. They decided to use Drupal with the Acquia Cloud and Hounder worked with them to re-platform and be successful for the future.

The Solution

Hounder worked directly with the marketing and design teams to build a cohesive and structured plan for migrating their website from a website builder to Acquia Cloud. We worked with the design team to craft and implement new UI and animation improvements that allowed them to engage with their visitors more and showcase the amazing things that they were doing. Hounder helped to adapt a product design guide into a reusable set of design components that allowed them to construct multiple different page structures more easily for their marketing team.

Our Process

Each project that we under take goes through our research and strategy process and for this security software company we worked closely with their team to establish a solid project plan that identified all areas that needed to be accomplished in order to achieve a successful launch.

Project Scope

This software security company needed a secure and scalable web presence for their current and future marketing needs and that could allow them to make quick edits while adhering to a strict component driven design system.

  • Define and build UX interactions and patterns

  • Migrate existing website to Acquia Cloud

  • Improved visitor engagement with custom website interactions

  • 100+ page web design

  • Configured Drupal CMS

  • Component driven flexible content editor

  • Migrated blog, news, and video content

  • Training


Our approach to developing the website was to keep the design as easy as possible to update and allow for configuration changes or options that altered design to be as simple as changing a select value for changing the colors on a Call to Action or checking a box to enable parallax scrolling effects for a background image or video. 

Using this method we were able to pair down features from the design system into reusable code blocks that made it possible to reuse code and logic that would create a unified development environment and front-end design that clearly matched the design system. When dealing with future design changes the component library and design system changes would be able to have a cascade effect to allow for new features to be rolled to one or multiple sections more quickly.

The Result

Working with this security software company and using Drupal with Acquia Cloud we were thrilled to deliver a amazing web experience that showcased everything they had to offer.

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