Case Study

Augie's Coffee

Website Redesign

Who is Augie's Coffee?

A premier coffee roaster located in beautiful downtown Redlands and throughout Southern California.

The Challenge

Design and build a custom look and feel that matches Augies’ distinct design aesthetic, passion for roasting delicious coffee and making people happy, while making it effortless to update the content at anytime.

Our friends at Augies travel around the world working closely with farmers to get the best coffee. Each coffee has a story to tell and we wanted to tell that story in the shopping experience. In addition, providing a world-class subscription experience that walks the customer through the subscription process was just what the doctor ordered.


Augies Coffee’s site and brand needed to feel rich, fun, and unique like the coffee that they craft. This e-commerce site was designed to be promotion and subscription-focused. Along with taking a new bold approach to using hover-features to inspire quick and easy purchasing.


Augies already has incredible design aesthetic, working with some of the best artists we know (James McClung). When designing out this site, we knew we needed a few subtle illustrations to compliment the new subscription experience. Here is a sample of some of these simplistic illustrations that help users get a visual queue of how the subscription process works.


Augies Coffee is our neighbor and go-to coffee shop here in downtown Redlands, it was just the perfect project for us. We had an incredible time working on this site and couldn’t have been happier with how it turned out.

Subscription Result

The primary goal here was to provide a delightful and hand-holding experience for customers. Subscriptions can sometime be confusing with so many options and combinations. Our goal was to take the complexities out of the experience and make it simple and delightful. Check it out!

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