The Challenge

HireSpot Staffing, a local Redlands based company, is establishing itself as future leader in the staffing industry and needed a web presence to start their marketing and lead generation efforts. The site needed to provide a modern, clean home page that represented their expertise and allow employers and job seekers an easily way to get in touch with HireSpot.

Our Process

We started by designing a clean homepage that met the primary needs HireSpot had which was to have a clean design, showcase their expertise and provide a way for employers and job seekers to get in touch.

We started with our first design iteration with a single one-liner title and then directed the user towards one of two options based upon as either an employer or job seeker, which then led into all the benefit statements on why you would choose HireSpot Staffing.

Project Scope

The scope of the project involved building out a single page website that fulfilled the marketing requirements and company vision, as well as, allowed the client to easily update any content needs in the future. For the development we built a simple Wordpress theme with custom components that allowed for customizations and reordering of content based on need.

UX / UI Design

  • ​​Wordpress theme development
  • SEO optimization
  • Result
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