The myth of the solitary coder barricaded in a room, spending their most productive metabolic hours crafting miles of beautiful, robust code, and all without ever encountering a single wavicle of daylight—this is a LIE! Now more than ever, coders are on the go. We’re coding on the road, underground, in the air, and in our best jogging sneakers. The Hounder team wants to show you how it’s done, brought to you by our very own Justin Hough. 

Justin’s Checklist for Code on the Go: 

1. First, choose your mode of transportation.

  • Car? Airplane? Train? ✅

2. Next, find your portable device.

  • Laptop? iPad? ✅

3. Now you’ll need to load

Follow these basic instructions: 

  • loaded? ✅

  • Sign up? ✅

  • Launch using your favorite service. GitHub? ✅

  • Finally, Log in. ✅

With or GitHub Codespaces, it’s really easy to get a development environment set up and humming just the way you like it. And the nice thing is, I don’t have to worry about my local development machine breaking. I can easily spin up a new environment and start working… on the go! 

- Hounder's Justin Hough

4. In this next step, you might see some empty space. But no worries, choose from one of the following to get going. 

  • Create a new workspace? ✅

  • Select a project in progress, like an app you’re working on. ✅

5. Let’s go through what you’re probably seeing on the screen

  • Vs code—on iPad—in the cloud—in Safari… ✅

  • Cool URL? ✅

  • App loaded? ✅

6. Now that you’re all set up, what’s next? 

  • Make awesome code changes? Verified! 

  • Ready to implement changes? ✅

  • Write awesome commit message? ✅

Code changes verified and... Boom! There you go!

You're coding on the go!