Cloud Hosting & Managed Services

ArcGIS for Amazon Cloud

Put your mapping applications in the Cloud!

Hounder’s cloud enablement team will host and manage your mapping applications and ArcGIS platform so you can stay focused. Our team are experts in identifying, deploying and managing cloud-based technologies. We understand that each organization’s requirements are unique. Our hybrid and custom cloud deployment services allow us to create solutions to meet specific organizational needs.

Decide the best approach

We assess your needs and help determine the cloud GIS approach that's right for your organization—whether you're fully moving to a cloud environment or adding cloud deployment or computing to your existing infrastructure or products.

Rapidly deploy your cloud environment

Our expert team helps you get up and running quickly with the best approach that fits your specific needs. In doing so, saving you the hassle of doing it all yourself.

Get continuous support as you grow

After your cloud environment is deployed, we can stay connected to send consistent updates on usage and other insights that will help shape decisions. You'll also receive early warnings and operational assistance, as needed.

Unleash the benefits of the cloud for your apps

Expand your GIS capabilities without investing in new on-site infrastructure. The Cloud provides you with the same capabilities for managing and delivering GIS services and applications as on-site ArcGIS for Server, while offering a number of unique benefits:


  • Secure with no software or hardware needed.
  • Rapidly scale up or down to meet usage needs.
  • Pay monthly on only what you use.


Instances are preconfigured using Esri and cloud best practices and proven through deployment with many customers. This ensures optimal configuration and consistent performance.


  • Deliver your content quickly through a worldwide network of edge locations.
  • Automatically route user requests to closest edge location to deliver content with the best possible performance.
  • Pay only for the storage you use.


  • Cost effective data storage.
  • Configured version control
  • Pay only for the storage you use.

Ready to discover your managed cloud service options?

Our team of experts can evaluate your cloud readiness, prototype and test concepts and products safely, and help you to migrate to the cloud when your ready.

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