Our Approach

Evaluate your current architecture and business needs to migrate and scale

A migration is the perfect opportunity for a clean and fresh start, making the new environment organized, easy to use, and scaleable for the future. We understand this, and so we undertake a complete evaluation of your current architecture and future business goals before putting the figurative pen to paper.

Migrate the geospatial data and configure the ArcGIS Pro environment

Our team takes a detailed and careful approach to automate the data entry as much as possible as well as manually input simple or complex data to ensure accuracy and enabling you to take advantage of all the benefits ArcGIS Pro has to offer.

Detailed Handoff: Providing complete documentation and team training

Ensuring your organization is setup to be successful is our priority. Our team will provide a comprehensive write up that documents the details of your new ArcGIS Pro environment. In addition, we provide various training options from anywhere to small or large teams.

Common Questions

Does ArcGIS Pro use the same licenses as ArcMap?

No, you must authorize both ArcGIS Pro licenses and ArcMap licenses in order to use both ArcGIS Pro and ArcMap. If you are using Concurrent Use licensing for ArcMap and ArcGIS Pro, you can manage both license types with the same ArcGIS 10.5.1 License Manager.

How long does a migration usually take?

Every project has its own unique business and technology system needs. Contact us and we will setup an initial meeting to better understand your current infrastructure and future needs. Shortly after, we can provide an accurate time estimate.

Can we work with Hounder to just provide training for ArcGIS Pro?

Yes, we're here to help you be successful with ArcGIS Pro from migrations, to documentation or training, we're here for you.

How is the cost determined for my migration needs?

The first step for us is to listen. We simply listen to your needs and evaluate your current infrastructure, workflow, etc. After defining your needs, requirements and dependencies, we will estimate time and effort. That way the cost is always transparent and out in the open. That's just our style.

We're here to help.
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