Case Study

UL Strategic Search Engine Optimization

Who is UL?

The premier authority on applied safety science, UL’s safety certification and compliance testing services help designers, engineers, and manufacturers bring their products to market in an efficient and trusted manner.

The challenge

Hounder Digital Marketing worked with UL’s web team to organize a full SEO treatment across UL's decidedly gigantic site: Optimize for search across 1,113 pages and 13 industry verticals.

Funneling site visitors to the information they need to build a safer world

Closely examine the underside of pretty much any piece of technology you own—appliances, chargers, lighting, toys, furniture—and it’s likely you’ll find the UL logo inconspicuously stamped in the form of an embossment, sticker, mold, etc. It might not be the most glorious or eye-catching identifier out there, but what it signifies is huge: UL is responsible for helping ensure that the world’s broad scope of technologies, from everyday products like toasters and laptop chargers to high-industry products like building facades and medical devices, are tested, inspected, and certified against the safety standards written to deem a product compliant. Put simply, UL’s compliance testing and certification services empower the human capacity to cultivate trust in the technologies all around us. 

On a micro scale, what UL does is tremendously important for helping companies bring their product(s) to market, which is to say that if product engineers, manufacturers, designers, etc., are unable to easily locate UL’s services online and start the compliance process in a seamless manner, then that means an extra hurdle to jump before their product is able to contribute its value to society at large. 

Considering UL’s contribution to global industry and individual companies’ reliance on their services, Hounder joined forces with UL’s web and marketing teams to strategically plan and implement one of the largest and most successful SEO projects we’ve worked on to date, with an end goal of full site optimization across UL’s broad scope of industry verticals.

THE MISSION: Optimize according to every conceivable SEO best practice. Help the engineer, the designer, the business, etc., find UL’s services in one click flat.

Executing an SEO initiative across a multi-industry corporation

Hounder Digital Marketing worked with UL’s web team to organize a full SEO treatment across UL's decidedly gigantic site.

A mammoth implementation

Often, enterprise-size projects can be a tad more complicated due to the amount of complexity and/or breadth of the organization’s services, so a little extra planning and strategy talk is always expected when working in the corporate enterprise world.

However, we aren’t exaggerating when we say that UL’s website is GOLIATH; the project included a whopping 1113 pages across 13 industry verticals. Due to the sheer amount of content managers and subject matter experts (SMEs) strung throughout UL’s complete corpus of industry verticals, the project needed to follow an efficient implementation strategy integrated with each of UL content manager's and SME’s expertise.

"Hounder collaborated with us on a 10-month long enterprise SEO optimization initiative. They evaluated 1522 keywords and 1113 pages across 13 industry verticals and gave us actionable guidance for each page. Hounder made the complex simple and produced outstanding results, with 913 pages now found within the first search engine results page with 493 of pages ranking in the top 3 - all organically!"

Chad Reynolds

Director of Industry Marketing at UL

Here’s what the project workflow looked like:

1. Research keywords

Our digital marketing team conducted thorough SEO research to render data and analytics that would ultimately make up the central body of the optimization efforts. 

2. Write optimizations

Using this data, our digital marketing team arranged easy-to-read spreadsheets organized by each specific industry vertical, with each UL page’s adjacent keywords, recommended keyword-optimized heading rewrites, and internal linking recommendations included in each. 

3. Content creation

Along with the heading rewrites and internal linking recommendations written in each spreadsheet, our digital marketing team also made recommendations for new pages to be created across UL’s industry verticals. These new pages would be written around both brand and non-brand keywords that UL had yet to rank for, providing all the more edge SEO-wise competitively speaking. 

4. Approval

After all keyword and content creation recommendations were recorded, the team sent each industry vertical’s content manager their respective SEO worksheet for review and approval.

5. Implement changes

Our digital marketing team would generally meet with each manager to address any issues they’d identified in the spreadsheets. Once all content qualms were ironed out and spreadsheets approved, our team got to work firmly heads down on implementing the approved changes. 

6. Launch optimized pages

This was the fun part. After each page had been successfully optimized according to its respective spreadsheet’s recommendations, that was, as they say, that: Hit the publish button. 

UL SEO scope and results

1522 keywords addressed

1113 web pages analyzed and/or optimized

13 industry verticals given full SEO treatment


904 pages now found in first search engine results page

498 pages ranking top three

498 pages ranking top three

Writing creatively for UL SEO 

A big part of any SEO effort is crafting content rewrites. Our creative writing team provided keyword-optimized heading, title, and meta description rewrites for each of the 1113 pages addressed throughout the project—a leading contributing reason for the 493 UL pages ranking top three and the 913 UL pages ranking on the first search engine results page. 

Hounder creative writers also lent a hand with any net new content that needed to be created, which more often than not meant writing new insights and services pages around SEO-backed terms and topics and sending them through UL’s rigorous brand and legal system. 

SEO doesn’t stand for 'SEt it and fOrget it'

The importance of continuous optimization

The UL SEO project continues to render positive results, for both the company itself as well for those seeking UL’s services. As with any SEO initiative, the numbers always fluctuate, but we can say for sure that the work done throughout the course of this project is sparking more than ideal results, with continuous optimization always at the forefront of our partnership with UL. 

Hounder digital marketing meets regularly with UL’s web team to recommend SEO-related updates and brainstorm effective strategies for building SEO best practices into UL’s miles-long breadth of varying work types, topics, and flows. 

SEO maintenance includes: 

  • Day-to-day SEO review of vital keywords for your target market

  • Optimization of content/messaging

  • Keyword research and evaluation of current keywords & competitors

  • Continuous identification of new target keywords and content creation needs

  • Identify high-conflict content and recommend solutions

Fulfilling keywords research requests

The Hounder-UL relationship 

As you might have noticed from some of our previous case studies, our partnership with UL has been going strong over the course of the last few years, and we couldn’t be happier with the relationships we’ve built and the expertise we’ve gained by working with folks of such razor-sharp competence and professionalism. 

We don’t want to get too sappy here, but writing these case studies really does put a microscope over the quality of care present in the Hounder-UL formula. These case studies give us the chance to reflect on the obstacles overcome with hard work and dedication to the objective, which always gives us a sense of how we can continue to grow as an agency. And with UL by our side, we're getting better all the time. We're honored to be able to work with the incredible folks on UL's web team.