The Challenge

Our partners at Esri reached out to us to help create a thoughtful and engaging ArcGIS Hub experience that encourages community engagement and transparency. This project provided some unique challenges and exciting opportunities to compose a web solution that empowers government organization to provide transparency of upcoming initiatives and inspire the community to get involved. 

The Solution

We worked closely with the incredible team at Esri (shout out to Graham, Brenda, Andrew, and Alan woohoo!) to create a cohesive and engaging content strategy, design and build an easy-to-use template that empowers users to tell their story and inspire the community around them. Built on the ArcGIS Hub platform, this product connects directly to your ArcGIS maps and services, transforming how you engage and collaborate with your community.

Our Process

Research and Layout Explorations

Knowing that we needed background and context, we kicked off an accelerated discovery and design sprint on-site, working side-by-side with several members of Esri's product team. We focused on understanding their user-base, their users needs, and current pain-points in the user experience.  In addition, we also got a better feel for what functionality mattered most to users — measuring the level of impact it would have on them. 

While evaluating user needs and understanding the current product roadmap, it became clear that a narrative and easy-to-use design components that enables effective story-telling was missing— this became our core focus. We got back to the Hounder office and began working on detailed user flows, wireframes and a strong visual design direction, which aligned each team on our proposed solution and the work to come.

Bringing the web experience to life

Having queued up weekly sprints for the project, we did all of the creative writing, design, and web development for the default template from the ground up. Additionally, we built a few custom web components, allowing their users to quickly and easily update sections for copy, images and videos across the site.

We were thrilled about the opportunity we had in helping Esri to continue to grow and transform how organizations engage and collaborate with their communities. We can’t wait to see the growth and changes Esri has in store for their users, and how their product continues to improve. We're some of their biggest fans. 

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